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[] include schemas in runtime or source bundles?


I am looking for a guideline how to ship extension point schemas.

So far we have only shipped schemas in source bundles that are
distributed in SDK features. A consumer of a Mylyn extension point
requested though that we make extension point schemas available in
runtime bundles [1] to make them accessible to PDE without requiring

We were following platform but considering that a lot more people will
have the Eclipse SDK installed than the Mylyn SDK I am wondering if
platform is the best example in this case. Schemas are usually only a
few kb so it shouldn't contribute much to the distribution size to
include them and may encourage adoption of extensions that are mostly
declared through XML and don't require much coding and hence sources

How are other projects dealing with this? Is there relevant
documentation or a policy that I missed?




Steffen Pingel
Senior Developer,

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