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Re: [] "Project meta data is out of date for..." messages


The worst such notification happens every so often when the website becomes inaccessible during the validation time and then I get 30 bogus messages about various project's website page not being specified correctly. So I generally ignore all this stuff. I'm sure I'm not alone. A button on the portal to validate the data upon request would be more useful.


On 08/08/2011 11:02 AM, Wayne Beaton wrote:
Hey folks.

I tend to regard keeping project metadata/websites/... up-to-date as one
of those "selfish-best interest" sorts of things. That is, projects
should keep this information up-to-date because it is good for the
health of the project.

Every month we have a script that runs to check that certain bits of
metadata are properly specified. Missing, or incorrect entries are
reported via email message to the project mailing list.

Every month, a couple of project leads contact me and the Webmaster
about the messages, generally because something that's being reported
doesn't make sense (e.g. reports that a next release isn't specified
when one seems to have been specified). Every month, the Webmasters and
I spend a good couple of hours chasing down the problem and tend to end
up modifying the check scripts. These good couple of hours could be
better spent doing other more valuable things for the committers and

Most projects--it seems--just ignore these messages anyway.

So... I've been thinking. Is it time to just turn off this notification
mechanism? Or maybe just run it twice a year or something?

Your thoughts are appreciated.



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