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Re: [] Bylaws Change on AC (was: 10-Mar AC meeting notes)

Hi Gunnar,

> how should we influence a whole ecosystem?

Exactly by what we've been doing so far: By the tools we provide to the community (git, Hudson + plugins, release-tracker, Forums, bugzilla, ...) as well as the guidelines and advice we give (EDP, Developer_Resources,, even individual AC member's blogs), networking between Community and Board members (Boris, Wayne, Mike will tell the Board about AC ideas)...

I actually believe that the Ecosystem (which doesn't have a strong lead) may be easier to steer than any project (which typically has a strong lead following it's own guidance and principles). Then if the Ecosystem is going in some direction, eventually the projects will have to adopt it (it's not impossible that in the near future all Eclipse projects only use git for instance).

Martin Oberhuber, SMTS / Product Architect - Development Tools, Wind River
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Am 11.03.2011 15:55, schrieb Oberhuber, Martin:
> As I said I'm not a good wordsmith nor native English speaker so I'm 
> having a hard time coming up with something good. My only idea at this 
> time is removing the "Projects" and replacing architecture with ecosystem:

I think "ecosystem" is way to broad. If we can't even manage to influence projects how should we influence a whole ecosystem?

FWIW, I don't think that "influence software architectures used by Projects" is such a bad term. Even if it's pull instead of push and indirectly by processes and tools instead directly, I think it's still our influence.


Gunnar Wagenknecht
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