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Re: [] Eclipse FindBugs FixIt Challenge

I think what would be critical is that we set up something so that it's easy for projects to get a FindBugs report.

OK to discuss it at the next meeting.

On Fri, Sep 3, 2010 at 11:44, David Carver <d_a_carver@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
 I sent this to Wayne and Lynne.  They suggested I bring it before the architecture council for discussion:

Here is something that I think would be an interesting endevor to
undertake and I don't think Apache or any other open source foundation
has done this.

 In 2009, Google held a day or two for a FindBugs FixIt.

 Basically, the engineers devoted two days to fixing bugs that FindBugs
 reported.  It is no secrete if your run these Static Code Analysis
 tools that some of the core systems we have and use at eclipse are not
 as clean as they could be.

 So, what I'm proposing is that there be a little contest amongst the
 various eclipse projects.  Those that want to participate can run
 FindBugs against their code base, and publish the initial baseline
 results.    They then can devote one milestone in which they report
 the difference between what Findbugs found to begin with and what the
 end of that Milestone reports.    The one with the most improvement
 could get some sort of Recognition or Badge or something.  Maybe
 bragging rights that they have the cleanest code.

 The ultimate goal though is to improve the code base for the
 adopters.  The more bugs we eliminate up front instead of waiting for
 them to be reported the better for the adopters and community.   This
 is just one way we could do it, and make it a little competition.


I can open a bug for this as well, if necessary.


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