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[] Reminder: AC Get-Together at EclipseCon

Reminder to join us for an AC get-together to brainstorm on things (including bug 300500, but also other things in our backlog).
See below for date and time. I took the liberty to allow other Community members in if they are interested.
See you there,

From: [] On Behalf Of Oberhuber, Martin
Sent: Tuesday, March 23, 2010 4:57 AM
Subject: [] AC Get-Together at EclipseCon

Dear Fellow Architects,
For those of us who are at EclipseCon, instead of doing a BOF (which might easily conflict with other tings you'd wnat to do), we'll want to get together for breakfast on Thursday:
Thu 25-Mar-2010  08:00  AC Breakfast, meet at the Registration Area (Magnolia Room)
Hoping to see you there, the idea is to grab some food, and chat about things that matter to us.
If you'd prefer a BOF instead, just let me know. I pre-scheduled the 2nd slot on Wednesday Evening, Wayne might still be able to get a room for that.
See you,

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