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Re: [] Nominate Kenn Hussey


Inactive hide details for Ed Merks ---2010/03/18 15:10:57---Esteemed Council,Ed Merks ---2010/03/18 15:10:57---Esteemed Council,


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2010/03/18 15:10


[] Nominate Kenn Hussey

Esteemed Council,

I'd like to nominate Kenn Hussey to the council. He has been an active participant in our community for a great many years. His technical work is brilliant. Who else could implement something as complex as UML2 single handedly, while helping fix the specification as part of the process? He is very well respected at the OMG for his contributions there.

His involvement at Eclipse spans many projects. His recent effort to integrate EMF and RAP is but one excellent example:
He's reliable, professional, hardworking, and can be counted upon for keen insight and fresh ideas. You've probably seen that he's an active blogger on the planet always with a positive message to share.

I believe he'd be an asset to the council.

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