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Re: [] Re: [eclipse-dev] Download path for UFaceKit and Builds

Make sure to either update or create new pages on the Athena Wiki as well. There are already several pages Tagged in the wiki, but some more polishing can be done.


Tom Schindl wrote:

I naturally volunteer to do such a write up (I already took some notes)
after I've managed to get a build up and running - taken my "dummy"
status when it comes to builds I think I'm the perfect match for this
job :-)


Am 26.01.10 01:40, schrieb Oberhuber, Martin:
Hi all,
please make sure that this help is not limited to Tom alone... there's
lots of others who
are at risk of being frustrated (and yes, I have dumped tons of hours in
releng work too).
It would be fabulous if a result of this incident could be a "Dummy's
Guide to Athena",
perhaps using the UFacekit project as case study to see which files need
to be created,
what settings need to be tweaked and where to request an account, just
for example...
From an Architecture Council's point of view, I think that Project
Athena is very important
for the Eclipse community to prosper, allowing small projects to get
their infrastructure
right and focus on coding rather than building.
Thanks in advance to all who are helping out with this! If we can
contribute to a
dummy's doc (and be it just by proofreading), please let us know.

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On Mon, Jan 25, 2010 at 3:39 PM, Kim Moir <Kim_Moir@xxxxxxxxxx
<mailto:Kim_Moir@xxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    Hi Tom

    I'm sorry to hear that you are frustrated.  Believe me, I understand
    your pain :-)  Writing good software is complex.  Similarly,
    building software can be very complicated.

I'm volunteering to help Tom with the Athena-based build so hopefully
things go OK :)


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