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[] Agenda items for today's meeting

I added 2 agenda items for today, more items welcome:

git at Eclipse - current state of affairs

  • is Git for Committers still up to date with bug 280583 complete for the read-only git of all of Eclipse
  • could instructions be simplified for the most common use cases:
    • Getting source for a plugin I want to change
    • Adding a branch for a patch of mine
    • Rebasing my branch to a new milestone

target platform docs

  • Today, all searchable documentation is for the development host (e.g. o.e.platform.doc.isv)
  • When I develop against multiple target platforms, how can I access correct documentation?
  • Sample use cases:
    • Use Eclipse 3.6m4 development host but work on the R3_5_maintenance brach as target platform
    • WTP: Documentation for the server-side target e.g. servlets
    • CDT: Documentation for the C runtime I develop against
    • RT/Equinox: Documentation for the target I develop against
  • Any known solutions? What are people doing today?
  • What could be done from an architectural point of view?

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