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RE: [] e4 Hack-a-thon at EclipseCon

+1 for Wednesday. Especially if we can get some e4 talks related to
migration on Tuesday.

I think the most important thing is making sure that there is a super
simple and 
fast procedure for getting people's workspaces set up. For instance:
Have USB 
keys ready with an e4 based self hosting SDK where they just need to
existing project" their own stuff from some other workspace of theirs.

Those pre-set-up USB key contents would also be a nice thing to market
the hackathon.
People are always keen to get freebies. Even if they don't get the
physical USB key,
they will be happy to get some "stuff" downloaded for appearing at the


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Subject: [] e4 Hack-a-thon at EclipseCon

Howdy folks. One of my action items from our last AC call is to organize
some space at EclipseCon for providing some e4 help. Donald tells me
that we currently have our pick of times and that he's quite sure that
he can get us some space any time during the week.

Here's a strawman:

Let's do this on Wednesday. We'll take an 8-hour chunk starting with the
first session of the day. Once we have the space, we'll set up a sign-up
sheet for e4 committers and AC members to staff the space throughout the
day. It'll be one of those "bring your laptop and go" sessions, so
there'll be no setup issues to deal with.



Wayne Beaton, The Eclipse Foundation

I'm going to EclipseCon!

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