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RE: [] Regrets for today's call



We ended up covering the topic, as Martin summarized in the minutes.  I didn’t notice this message until now.  I have some sense for the WTP needs from our review of the UI and discussions when we were first working on the Mylyn Connector Discovery, but think that this entire effort would benefit from your input.  In other words, if it doesn’t support the WTP server adapter use case something is wrong.  I’ll start out by sending a bug on the proposal, and we can schedule a separate discussion if that would be beneficial to do before the next architecture council meeting.





Dr. Mik Kersten





From: [] On Behalf Of Tim deBoer
Sent: November-12-09 8:03 AM
Subject: [] Regrets for today's call



I'm stuck in another meeting and unlikely to be able to join today's call. If the meeting ends I'll join when I can.

I just noticed a topic for the meeting is bug 291094 ("Do we really need 4 different ways to install adapters / extensions"). As a stakeholder I'd like to be involved in the discussion, would prefer if this topic can be deferred, or at least delayed until late in the call in case I can join.

Tim deBoer
Eclipse WTP PMC, RAD Release Architect and WebSphere Tools - IBM Canada
(905) 413-3503

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