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Re: [Fwd: Re: [] What Eclipse stuff is in maven repo now]

I've been talking to the Jetty folks lately, and they really want Maven. Since Jetty had already developed a big user community prior to coming to eclipse, I would hope we can help support this.

Nick, I told them about Athena, as they are currently trying go the opposite way, going from Maven to OSGI bundle format. Definitely some possibilities for some cross-project work.


Wayne Beaton wrote:
Nick's message to the AC got bounced. He'll soon have access.

There's work afoot at the moment exploring the generation of maven repos in Athena. If there's sufficient community demand for it, it will of course bubble up to the top of the priority pile and be addressed sooner.

If you, your community, your company, or yo'momma cares about this, vote for it. :)


The dates appear to be (almost) all 2007. I recall hearing about somebody who decided to do a mass-import. There was some concern that the format of something-or-other wasn't right. How's that for vague?

I think that an up-to-the-minute repository would be more useful for adopters of Eclipse technology.


Andrew Overholt wrote: Hi,

If you go here:

You can see what Eclipse stuff is in that maven repository (the main
repository?  I think so, but I'm not a maven expert).  These contents
are something we should consider when thinking about why people would
want to consume Eclipse bundles with maven.

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