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Re: [eclipse.org-architecture-council] Nick Boldt for Architecture Council


Eugene Chan
IBM Toronto Lab, Canada

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10/05/2009 09:33 PM


[eclipse.org-architecture-council] Nick Boldt for Architecture Council

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Greetings noble Architecture Council

I would like to nominate Nick Boldt for membership in the Architecture
Council. Nick's is a well-known name in the Eclipse community. He is a
prolific contributor of code, and knowledge. He is active in our
newsgroups/forums, mailing lists, IRC, Twitter, and his blog. He is a
vocal proponent of Eclipse Technology, frequent challenger of doctrine,
and advocate for making lives easier for committers and adopters. The
Foundation database lists Nick as being a committer on no less than 23
different projects. His most recent efforts have resulted a "Common
Build" infrastructure that he is tirelessly working to assist
innumerable projects to adopt.

I hereby request that we undertake a vote to invite Nick into our ranks.


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