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Re: [] Code quality/consistency reports publication

EMMA Rocks...especially ECLEMMA which you can run manually.

The reports that it produces can be quite large, but it provides a good idea of how much code your unit tests are covering.

We use it in XSL Tools for the XPath 2.0 processor, and we are averaging about 73% code coverage.

I'm a big proponent of a> visibility b> clean code c> refactoring. But the first step is having good unit tests so that you can do b and c. Unfortunately, that discipline isn't always practiced at eclipse projects, especially during bug fixes. It definitely varies project by project, but it's a habit that I think the Architecture Council needs to distill, and that mentors should try to install into the projects they are mentoring.

Andrew Overholt wrote:

* Cédric Brun <cedric.brun@xxxxxxx> [2009-09-03 04:25]:
The open-source product "Sonar"[2] is having quite a success in the

It looks pretty neat.  I'm sure some people will comment here about
false positives and having to sift through noise.  I wonder how Sonar
handles this?

This kind of tool could probably be part of the CBI effort.

Yes, if we could get it hooked up with our Hudson instance, it would
rock.  I'm perhaps more interested in getting the individual tools
hooked up (emma, etc.) but if this effort forces us to do all of them,
I'm all for it :)

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