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[] Code quality/consistency reports publication

Hi council architects ;)

As Dave stated in one of his posts [1] I really think the Eclipse
Community benefits in being highly transparent about the technical
quality of its components.
For a consumer, having a build and unit testing status is a valuable
information but we can do more  !

The open-source product "Sonar"[2] is having quite a success in the
regard of quality/consistency rules checking. It's leveraging  existing
tools like checkstyle, pmd  and cobertura and consolidate the reports in
a unique web app. Basically, it's about publishing information many
projects are leveraging in their IDE.

You can have a look on their "community instance" [3] running on several
projects, especially Apache ones. The Apache project is even thinking in
having its own "in-house'" instance [4].

This kind of tool could probably be part of the CBI effort. In term of
resources the sonar people kindly offered to help for setting this up,
and It should not add any burden to the projects.

That said I don't know what's the best way to handle such a request and
was thinking in starting the discussion here, so that I can collect your
opinions. I guess if the AC council thinks that's a valuable move I'll
ping some board representatives.

What do you think ?


[1] Dave post :
[2] Sonar  :
[3] Sonar community instance :
[4] Apache mailling list:<510143ac0906030809t126e331bpd7e0a526902316f6@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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