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JSR-330 would be a very valuable addition to the JDK, although it's just about annotations it would be good to have them standardized and shipped with the JDK.
I've been using Spring for a couple of years and in TMF Xtext we use Guice for some month with great success and much fun. 
Dependency Injection (like OSGi) should be part of the language / JDK.

my 2 cents,

On May 27, 2009, at 7:27 PM, Mike Milinkovich wrote:

I got a similar note from Bob Lee J
After much discussion at the Board about getting involved in Specification Organizations the agreed policy is that we (the EMO) will vote in the manner we (the EMO) think best helps Eclipse.
It would be great to hear the opinion of others on how we should vote. Having the advice of the Architecture Council would be very helpful data point, I am sure. But in the end Wayne and I are going to make the final decision.
Mike Milinkovich
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From: Boris Bokowski [mailto:Boris_Bokowski@xxxxxxxxxx] 
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Mike, Architecture Council,

The Eclipse Foundation is a member of the JCP SE/EE Executive Committee, which "is responsible for approving the passage of specifications through key points of the JCP" (

Mike, you are the Eclipse Foundation's representative on that committee. On what basis do you make voting decisions? Would it make sense to involve the AC on this in some way?

The concrete background of this is that I have been asked by Bob Lee, one of the proposed spec leads for JSR-330 "Dependency Injection for Java", that the Eclipse Foundation vote "yes" on this JSR which is up for "JSR review", i.e. whether it gets approval for development in the JCP. Personally, I think that the proposal looks good, and that it would be in Eclipse's interest to support the JSR, but it doesn't feel right that I just send an email to you without involving others from the Eclipse community.

Questions? Comments?


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