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[] Tracking Bugs via Milestone

One the last architecture call, I had an action item to complete to show how XSL Tools uses bugzilla to track work that is to be done during a milestone period.  There are actually three queries that are used.

1. Is the overall Product Backlog (Bug/Enhancement Backlog), this contains all the open bugs that have not yet been fixed.

2. Is the current Milestone Backlog (i.e. Sprint Backlog in Scrum terminology). It contains all bugs/enhancements current in the NEW, ASSIGNED, or REOPENED states for a given Target (i.e. 3.2M1)

3. Is the completed Milestone log.  It contains what has been completed during a milestone/target (i.e. 3.2M1).  Those in a Resolved, Verified or Closed state.

Here are the current back logs as they stand now for XSL Tools.

1. Product Backlog
2. Milestone 3.2M1
3. Milestone 3.2M1 Completed.

These same queries can be used directly within Mylyn to help track the overall progress and allow a developer to work easily on the tasks that are assigned within a particular Milestone.   By adding the assigned to, and the developers email address, they can get a list of bugs that are relevant for them.   We leave items assigned to the project-inbox to make it clear that nobody is actively working on a bug, but Boris's triage box would work as well.

At the end of each milestone, we look at the Product Backlog and figure out what we are going to work on for the next milestone.  Anything that didn't get completed the last milestone is put back into the Product Backlog and re-evaluated with all of the other outstanding bugs/enhancements to decide what is actually going to be worked on during the upcoming Milestone.


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