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[] [Bug 249745] Eclipse Repository Best Practices  
Product/Component: Community / Architecture Council

--- Comment #4 from David Green <dgreen99@xxxxxxxxx>  2008-10-06 11:58:00 -0400 ---
It's interesting to see so much opinion against SVN.  I've used SVN daily for
many years and quite like it. 

Though committers are complaining about SVN slowness I have not experienced
this problem even though I work on large projects.  Could it be that people are
judging SVN based on experiences with old versions (which were slower)?

The main features of SVN that I like are:

+ atomic commit
+ instant branching and merge tracking
+ single version number for a commit involving multiple files
+ fast tree-level history, with files grouped under a single revision number
+ offline usage (local copy of base revision)

The main problem that I see with SVN is the quality of the Eclipse plug-in

Some time ago I posted this article that discusses why is still on
Dennis Roy made an interesting comment that sheds some light on the admin side
of SVN.

This is like the vi versus Emacs discussion: everyone has an opinion, and most
of us are quite passionate about it.  Personally though I like SVN I would be
happy with almost any replacement for CVS as long as it works, solves the major
pain points that we're currently experiencing, and doesn't create any major new

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