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[] osbootcamp events that we need to send a representative to

Greetings distinguished fellow members of the esteemed Eclipse Architecture Council,

The osbootcamp [1] is an "Open Source Boot Camp (OSBOOTCAMP) is an international mini-conference aimed at outreach and awareness of open source software driven by community, academia, and industry."

Is anybody available to speak at the UC Berkeley event on October 30th. I'm hoping that there's somebody relatively local who can pop over and do a talk. The theme of the panel is "open source in the enterprise". I can help you put some slides together if required.

Is anybody interested/able to attend as a representative for Eclipse? I can't have you representing our community without a nice golf shirt (if you catch my meaning)...

Please let me know if you can attend.




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That's excellent Wayne, thank you.

We really appreciate the local contact for our OAK01 event at Berkeley.

I'll keep you posted as we start putting together the May 2009 event and
touch base about February soon.
Thanks again.

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From: Wayne Beaton [mailto:wayne@xxxxxxxxxxx] Sent: September 19, 2008 6:46 AM
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Subject: Re: Two osbootcamp events of note

Hi Andrew. My travel schedule for October is already pretty packed, but I'll
see if I can find somebody more local. I'll have them get in touch with you
directly (if you don't hear from anybody, that means I couldn't find 'em).

We'll be all over the 3 days in May. I'd love to work with you to make an
event in February work.


Andrew Ross wrote:
Hi Wayne,

I hope this email finds you well.

We're doing an osbootcamp event at UC Berkeley on October 30th. We have speakers from a few communities confirmed such as Apache, Sendmail, FreeBSD, Ruby on Rails, and more. I'd like to check with you about possibly having someone from Eclipse attend and speak? We're doing a discussion panel on open source in the enterprise. Algonquin College has offered up one of their buildings for a large 3 day osbootcamp next May. We plan to cover Apache, Linux, Mozilla, Eclipse, Asterix, and more. I know this isn't the greatest time given people will be working like crazy to make the release train. It will be a good time to catch many students before they take off the for summer and perhaps could be used to promote the next release?

Also, we're planning our 2009 schedule. I'd love to have another event focused on Eclipse in February. What do you think? Andrew

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