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Re: [] Nominate Dave Carver to the EAC

+1 for Dave Carver.
I've worked with him closely in WTP (on XSL and XML) and
believe he would make a great EAC member and a great mentor. He has
a good history and experience with "the Eclipse way" good judgement,
and genuine personal interest in seeing Eclipse succeed.

From: "Oberhuber, Martin" <Martin.Oberhuber@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: "" <>
Date: 09/24/2008 03:46 PM
Subject: [] Nominate Dave Carver to the EAC

Hi All,
I've been mentioning Dave Carver as a potential great candidate for the
EAC a number of times, after his great contributions to the
XML Projectplan
Renderer [1] and the very positive communications that I've had with him
around that.
I've been waiting to actually nominate him since this was the only kind
of interaction that I have had, except for spotting his name on a few bugzilla
items related to Eclipse infrastructure and Process, which showed me that
he is caring for the Community
His recent blog post [2] finally made me a believer: I'm quite sure that he'll
be a great asset for the EAC since we'll need people who "turn the rocks
over from time to time".
Dave is leading the XSL Tools component [3] in the WTP Incubator, and works
for a company named STAR [4] that cares for standards in automotive.
Please vote for recommending Dave Carver to Mike as a new EAC member.
+1 from Martin Oberhuber
Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member
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