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[] [Bug 246840] [discussion] How to use Jobs and ISchedulingRule properly?  
Product/Component: Platform / Runtime

--- Comment #3 from John Arthorne <john_arthorne@xxxxxxxxxx>  2008-09-16 10:55:47 -0400 ---
You point out two valid problems. First is the problem of using scheduling
rules within the implementation of non-Eclipse API. If we owned the preference
API we could specify that it required a certain rule, or provide a rule factory
method to be used by clients. There is a possibility that we could perform the
actual flushing of the preference store to disk asynchronously to avoid the
lock here. 

The other problem is that there seems to be a brief period after a project is
created before the ClearCase team provider sets the rule factory. This may
actually be a problem that can be addressed in the ClearCase plugin - The
TeamHook#setRuleFactory method states the problem of changing factories during
an operation and recommends only changing the rule factory during a POST_CHANGE
event when the workspace is locked. I don't know if they are following this
advice.  I agree clients must be able to rely on a stable result from the rule
factory method.

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