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Re: [] E4 EAC follow-up / sync-up call?

Oberhuber, Martin wrote on 05/30/2008 03:17:13 PM:
> ...
> I understand that everybody's totally swamped with Ganymede right

> now...
You've hit the nail on the head Martin. We're all unbelievably busy right now trying to get 3.4 shipped.

I know Kevin McGuire said he was going to capture some more notes about the summit, and I know several wiki pages were updated as a side-effect of the break out sessions, but beyond that we just aren't going to be able to do much e4 stuff for the next couple of weeks.

I could do a 11am ET call on the 5th, but I'd rather do it as part of the regular EAC call if that makes sense to everyone else. (Largely because at this point the 12th of June is beyond my event horizon <g>).


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