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RE: [] another Architecture councilnomination


That's a good idea.  I don't think membership is honorary, though it is an
honor.   And not to pick on anyone in particular, I just wonder, if Yossi
Leon is still involved?  I always liked him, so I'm not picking, but I
remember a note that he was leaving Zend and was stepping down from this
PDT role.  In general, I think we should expect a reasonable level of
participation to be a member in good standing.  Should we set a bar for
that?  Like attending at least 1 in every 3 meetings?   I suspect a
significant number of the people have not attended a meeting since the
council's reformation.   I wonder if all the folks listed are active
mentors for projects currently?  That was supposed to be an important role
for the members of this esteemed body.

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+1 for Oliver Cole

While it's great to get lots of excellent, bright new people to the EAC,
I'm wondering if we should also do some bookkeeping to see if there's
any member not really active any more ... just like removing inactive
committers ... or is EAC membership meant as a lifetime honor?

The current members list is at

Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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 Harm Sluiman
 Sent: Freitag, 07. März 2008 15:56
 Subject: [] another Architecture

 I would like to nominate Oliver Cole the Eclipse Architecture Council.

 Oliver has been a valuable and steady contributor to the Hyades and later
 TPTP projects. Last year he was elected to become the PMC lead for TPTP
 and has worked very hard to ensure TPTP has a balanced and clear focus for
 it's community. He has also spear headed a re-engagement to build
 meaningful linkages between TPTP and other projects such as WTP.  He has
 also shown a rather unique skill at keeping all the big gorillas in the
 room under control and keeping everyone focused on "the right thing to

 Over the years Oliver has been directly, and indirectly through other
 commiters, also been making strong contributions to the design and code
 base of TPTP and the Eclipse community, Naturally, as an exploiter of the
 Eclipse projects, Oliver and OC Systems have been providing concrete
 feedback  from the consumer perspective as well.

 Over the many years that I have been working with Oliver, I have found him
 to be a very valuable peer and mentor, and I believe he can add great
 value and energy to the architecture council. With Oliver's years of hands
 on and deep technical experience in our industry I am sure we will realize
 benefits from his contribution.

 Thanks for your time.
 Harm Sluiman,
 IBM Distinguished Engineer
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