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Re: [] Proposal API/extension point design workshop

Michael (and others),

Did anything come out of the idea to have a workshop on API and framework
design?  I just saw the e-mail thread from May 2007 on the Architecture
Council's mailing list archive.

For what it's worth, I will be presenting a tutorial on API design at
OOPSLA 2007, October 21-25, 2007, in Montreal. I'd be happy to meet other
API aficionados at or around OOPSLA, in my tutorial or outside of it.

As for a workshop on API and framework design in the Eclipse context, I
would suggest setting up something at EclipseCon 2008 to come together,
talk, and make cross-project connections between people who care about
quality API.  I'm not sure if I would get travel funding for a workshop on
API design alone. I'd love to meet on a Greek island though - has the
location for the next EclipseCon been finalized yet? ;-)


Boris Bokowski
Eclipse Platform UI committer
IBM Rational Software, Ottawa Lab

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