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Re: [eclipse.org-architecture-council] Architecture Council face-to-face at the Eclipse Summit Europe?

I will not be able to attend

Thank you,
Valentina Popescu
IBM Toronto Labs
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Fax: (905) 413-4850

Bjorn Freeman-Benson <bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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08/09/2007 11:11 AM

Please respond to
"eclipse.org-architecture-council"        <eclipse.org-architecture-council@xxxxxxxxxxx>

"eclipse.org-architecture-council" <eclipse.org-architecture-council@xxxxxxxxxxx>
[eclipse.org-architecture-council] Architecture Council        face-to-face at the Eclipse Summit Europe?

Architecture Council members,
Perhaps enough of us will be going to the
Eclipse Summit Europe (October 10-11) that it would be useful to have a face-to-face? I open the floor for RSVPs and discussion - if there's enough interest, I can schedule something for us.

- Bjorn
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