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RE: [] Architecture Council Thursday -not really happening

I have two questions:
1.) The EAC calls had been scheduled bi-monthly (2nd Thursday of every other month). So, usually
     there would not have been a call in September. I'm assuming that we just shift by 1 month, so
     the calls will be Sept.13 / Nov.8 / Jan.10 / March 13 -- ok so far?
2.) With the lack of an agenda now, I'm wondering what's the process for composing an agenda.
    Is everyone just supposed to propose topics to cover? Are we going to make initial discussions
    on the mailing list, preparing the phone meeting? Well, here's a couple of topics that I would
    find interesting to discuss:
  • Ganymede build infrastructure - how to achieve continuous integration, unit tests covering the integration of all projects, and consistency across all projects
  • UI Consistency - when I'm not mistaken, the UI Guidelines are being reworked; how can we encourage projects to pick them up.
  • Remote Development - Theoretically, EFS should be the foundation on which workspaces can be put on remote machines, and I do see a lot of interest in this -- but practically, there are some roadblocks. It's a pervasive topic since most projects are not really EFS-aware yet. How to improve the situation?
  • Scripting & Macro Recording - Another pervasive theme, if macro recording & playback is to be supported across an entire Eclipse based product, there need to be guidelines and APIs for projects to follow. It may be a multi-year multi-project effort but it may be worth getting it started.
  • Security - With the number of plugins aver growing, is there a threat of trojans nesting themselves inside Eclipse? Getting a trojan or virus-like plugin into Eclipse can be extremely malicious - from spying to impersonation up to data destruction. Is it a real threat, and is there something that could / should be done?
This is just a first quick list of items that I could imagine discussing, I'm curious to hear what
others think would be worthwile and in the scope of the EAC or what's wasted time or out of

Martin Oberhuber
Wind River Systems, Inc.
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member


From: [] On Behalf Of Bjorn Freeman-Benson
Sent: Thursday, August 09, 2007 6:59 AM
Subject: [] Architecture Council Thursday -not really happening

Architecture Council members,
With all the vacations this time of year and the lack of an agenda, I'm going to suggest that we don't have our scheduled call tomorrow (Thursday). We'll try to get a quorum and an interesting topic together for our September call.

- Bjorn

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