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[] Proposal API/extension point design workshop


since we don't have regular architecture council meetings anymore
and we have decided to have workshops on special interesting topics,
I'd like to propose a workshop on API and extension-point design.

<when I say API this also includes the design of extension points>

What are the goals?
- Exchange experiences with defining API
- Build up a tribal knowledge on APIs
- Learn from bad APIs
- Learn from successful APIs
- Sharpen your eye for good and bad APIs
- How make design extensible for the future (don't
  make your decisions today block you tomorrow)
- Get help on your current work on APIs
- ... what ever you want to share/learn about APIs
  and extension points

Who should come to the workshop?
- Anybody involved in API design

How to prepare?
- Every participant has to submit a paper/slide deck 
- Come with some API you want to have reviewed or 
  where you need help.
- Bring some API you are proud of.
- Bring some API you struggle with.
- Bring examples of the evolution of your API.

What will we do?
- everybody/some will present the submitted paper
  (depending on the number of participants)
- we will split into small workgroups
  - focus on one participants API/problem
  - discuss it, dig into it (hands on!)
  - iterate until each member has been in the 

What do you think? 

Feel free to change the agenda, goals etc. 
This is just a first raw proposal!


Michael Scharf, Wind River
direct +49.6621.586.0139 mobile +49.173.664.2579 fax +49.6221.436.805

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