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[eclipse.org-architecture-council] Expansion of the Architecture Council with new Mentors

Architecture Council members,
Given the Architecture Council's role in ensuring the architectural integrity of the Eclipse frameworks by mentoring new projects on technical (APIs, etc), social (how to be open source), and process (Eclipse IP, ...) issues, it is now time to expand the Council membership. The goal is to have a sufficient sized Council to balance these factors:
  1. we maintain our high quality standards across all projects
  2. none of us are overly burdened by mentoring
  3. new proposals are able to find mentors
Membership in the Architecture Council is for Eclipse committers who are senior software developers (i.e., they've shipped quality code) and have demonstrated the open source philosophy (i.e., they understand that working in the open means _working_ in the open, not just opening up the code repository). I'd like to accept nominations and discussion for the rest of April. My goal is to have finalized the set of candidates by April 30th. Then I will contact each of them to verify their interest, followed by present the slate to the Executive Director by May 4th.

Appointment to the Architecture Council should be reserved for those Eclipse committers who are actively and currently involved in Eclipse; who embody the principles of open source; and who have a firm commitment to high-quality extensible frameworks.

I look forward to your nominations,