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[] Invitation to speak at committer and project boot camp

Architecture Council Members and Elected Committer Representatives,

We are conducting a fast-paced and in-depth "boot camp" for new committers and projects from 1 to 5 pm on Sunday, March 4th, as a no- fee addition to EclipseCon. We've had a great responses and have filled the room. I've attached more information about the event below.

I would like to invite those of you who will be in town Sunday afternoon to participate in a Q&A panel as part of this event starting at 4 pm in the Tasman room of the hotel. This will not require any preparation on your part and is intended to show off your expertise in the best possible light. I will adjust the format depending on how many of you confirm participation. Please let me know if you can join us this week. Thanks.

Best regards,

Ward Cunningham

from the above ...

You're new to Eclipse. Our experience at the foundation suggests you have a lot of questions. We've seen past questions cluster around three topics: development process, intellectual property cleanliness, and, techniques of community development. So we've assembled the relevant foundation expertise to answer your questions in a fast- paced and in-depth afternoon we're calling "boot camp". But don't worry about drill sergeants or push-ups.

Our boot camp will consist of three sections. The first will provide an in-depth review of steps to create and manage an open source project at Eclipse, including writing a project proposal, getting ready for your first creation review and the responsibilities of all committers/project leaders. The second section will cover the licensing and IP process that is required for all Eclipse projects. And finally there will be a discussion on what are the best practices for building a community around your project.

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