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Re: [] Architecture Council agenda Jan 24

I'd like one item added to the agenda.  At our last phone call, we discussed trying to articulate
any problems we see with the Eclipse Architecture. See

There has not been many of us that have contributed to that wiki page ... so,
maybe there are no problems :)

But, I suggest it be on the agenda, even if we quickly conclude no one has the
time or motivation to work on it, and that we should remove it as one of our activities.


Bjorn Freeman-Benson <emo@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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01/13/2007 08:44 PM

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[] Architecture Council agenda Jan        24

Architecture Council Members,
Here's a draft agenda for our face-to-face meeting in San Francisco on Wednesday January 24th. We are meeting in the Bayside room of the Hyatt Burlingame near SFO.


7:30am - continental breakfast and email
8:30am - start
9:45am - email break
11:00 - email break
noon - end, lunch, and email


1. Report from Michael Scharf and Wenfeng Li on "Ask The Architecture Council" as per
the last meeting.
2. Report from Oisin Hurley and John Graham on "Catalog of Consumable Components" as per
the last meeting.
3. Report from Ed Merks and Michael Scharf on the wiki page describing implications of changing to Java 5 JVM as per
the last meeting.
4. Discussion of "
the architecture council identity crisis" email thread.

Additional Items

While we have a relatively full agenda, there is always room for additional useful discussions, so if you have an agenda item, please send it to me or to the mailing list.

Bjorn Freeman-Benson
Director, Open Source Process
Eclipse Foundation
971-327-7323 (pacific time)

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