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[] Meeting at EclipseCon on Sunday 2-4pm

We will meet from 2pm to 4pm in the Camino Real room of the Hyatt (second, sort of mezzanine, level).

Ward will present a new way for us to meet the council's charter of  syndicating a description of the architecture in order to protect its  integrity. The approach could be described as a cross between  powerpoint and wiki. We will spend a few minutes collaboratively  editing a toy architecture then turn our attention to editing and  elaborating the (already entered) unification of our existing diagrams.

A few minutes of preparation is required. Please study the diagrams as they stand today. On our last call the question was raised, "why  did you choose to draw your part that way?". We will raise that  question again and expect well reasoned discussion of alternatives.  We can act on the decisions we make before leading the meeting.

These are the kinds of things that were present in our current  diagrams and will be well supported in the new approach.

    1. nested hierarchy of subsystems
    2. dependencies of one system on another
    3. alternatives and/or peers
    4. context depended relationships

We look forward to making this activity both easier and more meaningful. We appreciate your participation.

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