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[] November 8 conference call minutes

    Bjorn Freeman-Benson
    Kai Nyman
    Richard Gronback
    Kevin Haaland
    Wenfeng Li
    Stefan Daume
    Michael Scharf

    John Graham
    Harm Sluiman

    John Duimovich
    Anurag Gupta
    Boris Kapitanski
    Tim Wagner
    John Wiegand
    David Williams
    Alan Young


We set some goals for what the Architecture Council contribution to the Roadmap 2.0 should look like. Our low bar is that whatever we put in the document must be accurate. (Clearly the empty set is accurate; that's why this is the low bar.)  We also agreed that the primary reason we are writing the Architecture portion of the Roadmap so that the ISV community can understand what is in Eclipse and how it is put together. The secondary reason is to help each other (the other Eclipse projects) understand how the pieces fit together.

We discussed a bit about whether the Coarse-grained architecture vs fine-grained architecture

Action Item: [Bjorn] Have the plug-in dev representatives show up at the AC meeting to tell us what their requirements are?

We plan to start the draft at our December meeting, to complete the draft by January 15th, and to send the final version (of our portion) to the Board on January 31st. We acknowledge that this will take a certain diligent effort on our part and we have committed to do this.

Action Item: [Kai] Wants a better picture of the architecture and will send an email around explaining what an alternative picture would be.

Action Item: [All] Review the old roadmap document and send email to all about where it is inaccurate and where it is incomplete.


We suggested to ourselves that we should use the new Eclipse wiki ( to create user interface guidelines as an improved version of the existing old Platform team UI guidelines.

Action Item: [All] send Kevin an email saying that you are interested and work on it


All the Callisto projects need to make sure they support Activities and Activity Categories for progressive disclosure. It is important to do this now so that the Platform team can add new trigger points if they prove to be necessary. Kevin explained about trigger points and how if your features are hidden (because the Activity Category is hidden) and there is no trigger point to make it visible, then you can never get to it. They had one case involving something about team support, so there might be other cases and it would be better to find them now rather than later.

Action Item: [Kevin] will send the documentation to the mailing list


Action Item: [All] everyone come to December meetings ready to discuss and negotiate for the call dates for Q1 and Q2.

Which reminds me - very few people made hotel registrations for the December council meetings. I'm hoping that you are planning to be there in San Francisco in a couple weeks...

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