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Re: [] November 7th Conference call agenda

I missed last months call (totally miss the window for the homework ;-)) and can't make it today, but I would like to make a few comments in the spirit of trying to get some threads going in the mailing list.

I think the path of blockitecture that shows functional areas of a project and the inner and interdependencies on other blocks is the top level to start with. Perhaps the blocks are like super features., and can be drilled into to see plug-in cross dependancies. This is where we started last year, and how we structured the TPTP pages, but we did not get consistency across projects. This can define technical structure.

I think Wenfeng's idea bring this structure to the human level, and writing some functional use cases that span projects is a good thing, although hard at times. I believe each project should commit to some viewlets/flash walk throughs of their project functional area. Most are doing this. On top of that there are some walk throughs that can span projects without show all the intricate details of each. I know that doing a TPTP centric demo that crosses WTP, JDT, TPTP and BIRT positioning goes over very well with users and developers alike. I am creating a viewlet that does this now, and would encourage other leads to try the same intentional effort, if for no reason but to force awareness of cross project collaboration potential.

In the past the only way I have seen successful cross big project demo/architectures etc. is when a single person is given the job to deliver it. I am not sure we have such a person in this case so the best efforts of many seem to have to do ;-)

Thanks for your time.
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11/08/2005 01:11 AM

Please respond to

[] November 7th Conference call        agenda

Monthly Architecture Council Conference Call
Second Tuesday of each month, 8am PST, 11am EST
or   866.362.7064
passcode 874551#

1.        Changing the call time/date in Q1? A number of people cannot make the second Tuesday of each month calls, so shall we try a different day and/or time in Q1?
2.        Outline what we want to have in the Architecture Council section of the Roadmap. We need to collectively decide what we want to show for our time this year - what sort of documentation of the current architecture are we (which mostly means you all) willing to spend time writing for the end of the year? The answer might be (disappointingly) "very little", but now is the time to step up to the task or to state definitely that we won't be doing much.
  • Last month we decided "We discussed what we should be creating for the architecture diagram for the Roadmap. Is it a summary of the current state? Is it a discussion of the future and forward looking architecture? Is it useful to the existing projects or is it just seen as a waste of time providing no benefit to the teams? We concluded that we needed to have documentation of the existing architecture before we could do anything more forward looking so we resolved (ok, ok, Bjorn browbeat everyone into agreeing) to spend a half-hour writing up their current view of the Eclipse Platform architecture.  These emails might provoke discussion on our mailing list, plus Bjorn is going to merge these all into a discussion document for our next call."
3.        Using our decision for (2) we will review our inputs from the last meeting and decide what we can do next to produce the Roadmap. The inputs from the last meeting were very varied:
  • David Williams: documents and diagrams showing the dependencies between WTP subsystems
  • Richard Gronback: list of subsystems across Eclipse
  • John Graham: traditional boxes view of subsystems seen by DTP
  • Bjorn Freeman-Benson: list of subsystems across Eclipse
  • Kevin Haaland: list of sub-projects and plug-ins and key components in the Platform
  • Wenfeng Li: list of subsystems across Eclipse grouped by scenarios: tools, designer, deployment
  • Kai Nyman: agreed with Wenfeng about using use-case scenario-based architecture diagrams
  • Tim Wagner: no input
  • Michael Scharf: no input
4.        Finally, we will talk about agenda items for the Council meetings.
  • The Lattix folks have offered to come to the Council meetings and show us what they have been extracting of the Eclipse architecture using their tools.
  • ???
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