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Re: [] October 11th Conference call agenda (now with the time!)

Hmm.... Well, I've done something a bit different than the others so far,
but it took only a half hour or so....

Inspired by the "Cubist" school of architectural description and the
platform documentation:

(See attached file: arch_diagram.jpg)

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                                       October 11th Conference call        
                                       agenda (now with the time!)         
             10/11/2005 01:51                                              
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Monthly call: second Tuesday of each month at 8am PT, 11am ET, 4pm CET.

or   866.362.7064
passcode 874551#

      Architecture contribution to the Roadmap. We need to have a
      definition of what each project will contribute to the architecture
      section of the Roadmap and when we plan to have those contributions
      ready. Bug#103916 has some advice.
      Architecture diagram. Last year we had a block diagram architecture
      diagram as part of the Roadmap. We need at least an updated version
      of that, and better yet, a better diagram. What would that diagram
      look like? And how could we create it?
      Conflicts. Are there are any architectural issues that are creating
      conflicts between the projects or that the PMCs anticipate will
      create conflicts? One of the purposes of the AC is to expose these
      and at least start the conversation about how they might be solved.
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