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RE: [] What does your project use forUI-based testing?

In TPTP we have tried several things, including Abbot for SWT, and the Rational Function Tester. Abbot was too high maintenance, and RFT did not leave us with openly reusable testcases.
We have since picked up a UI macro record playback tool from the PDE folks and are enhancing it and integrating it into TPTP JUnit support. We are hosting it just as a tool for now but expect it to become part of the project deliverables. It has just exited an iteration and we are about to start using it full tilt.

I can arrange a demo for AG folks that are interested. This is part of our "eat your own dog food" aka "self hosting" practice. Usage will help stress the rest of the TPTP test frameworks.

Thanks for your time.
Harm Sluiman, STSM,  
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RE: [] What does your project use        forUI-based testing?

Borland also uses homegrown tools.  As I recall, Harm mentioned TPTP was
looking into providing support for this?

- Rich

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Subject: [] What does your project use
forUI-based testing?

Just taking a little informal poll - what does your project / member
company use to perform UI-based Eclipse testing?

W.r.t. BEA's Eclipse-based tools, we mostly rely on Abbott plus some
homegrown extensions. I'd like to vet the cost/benefit tradeoffs of that
approach against what others are doing.



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