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[] Projects in WTP

At the last Eclipse Architecture Council meeting, I presented a rough outline of
what "flexible project support means to WTP". As promised, we've
filled in a few details (thanks to Chuck Bridgham) and posted for discussion. See

which is part of a larger document about our current support and future direction for
"flexible projects"

While some of the issues are WTP (or "web app") specific, I wanted to post to this
council's mailing list since as a council we should be able to specific what "first class Eclipse
integration" means, and each Eclipse Projects describe how they do or don't integrate, and, long term,
educate me :) on what the "project model" is in Eclipse (which is currently the one and only
"box" in the  in the "tools platform" layer in our "Eclipse architecture" diagram at

If anyone has any comments specific for WTP, feel free to use the WTP mailing list
(at wtp-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx).

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