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[] Technology PMC, new proposals and you .

Dear Eclipse Technical Leaders,

Apologies for the spam. It will only happen again if you ignore this email. Note - I intended to send this email all PMCs but not every PMC has a easy to use mailing list so some of the names were from memory. If other members of your PMC were excluded, please feel free to forward.
As you know, the the Technology PMC has been the focal point for creation of new projects at and the PMC is responsible for reviewing new project creation requests and running the creation process. In addition to that, there is some pre-public proposal mentoring done (by Bjorn actually) which helps new project proposals mature so they can be posted publically.  You will have noticed that we've been getting lots of new project proposals recently (which is good) and this has resulted in the Technology PMC being very busy (not so good).  

One of the issues we're having is ensuring new project proposals are evaluated quickly, fairly, and with broad input from the eclipse community which will ensure the highest quality projects get created at So ... (is is where you come in!)...  

The Eclipse Technology PMC is asking that each of you read each proposal and each review slideware that arrives in your email. Take a few minutes and see if the reviewed project meets your quality bar. Is it too short? Too vague? Too long? Does it overlap other projects without acknowledging them? Does it have a realistic plan or is to doomed to failure? Is it relevant and interesting? Is it part of the Roadmap Themes and Priorities?  In short, does it meet your vision of "Eclipse quality".  In addition, if the proposal aligns well with your project, please say so and participate in the creation process. This is where future committers for your projects could come from. In addition to your time, we'd like you to think about people or experts in your respective companies who may have the relevant expertise to help. They may not be involved in eclipse today, but as eclipse grows into new areas, their involvement could be key for your businesses.

We want to ensure that Eclipse projects continue to be know for their quality, innovation, and community participation. Thus it is in our collective, and your individual, best interest to spend a few minutes reviewing each proposal and then posting your thoughts to the newsgroup, mailing list, communicating with the project leaders so that eclipse continues to continues setting the highest standard for open source projects.

John Duimovich
for the Eclipse Technology PMC

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