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RE: [] Summary of April 27thArchitecture Council confernce call


We will be happy to give a BIRT demo.  


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Sent: Thursday, April 28, 2005 9:49 AM
Subject: [] Summary of April
27thArchitecture Council confernce call

Attending: Tim, Boris, Kevin, David, Anurag, Jim des Riviere, Jim 
Saliba?, John D, John W, Tyler, Bjorn

Thanks for taking the time to call in - I'm pleased with the progress we 
made and I think we'll have a very productive face-to-face meeting in 
Portland in a few weeks.  Also, I have asked a few of the projects if 
they would be willing to give those lunch-time short demos we discussed 
- I hope they will say yes.
One final reminder to make your hotel reservations if you have not 
already done so.
We decided to concentrate our time in Portland on three topics:

   1. *Overlap, Now and in the Future. *We need to develop a core
      competency in the Architecture Council for identify and resolving
      overlaps between projects. We need to concentrate on the technical
      aspects of the overlap rather than the project organization
      aspects. And we need to develop a process for consulting
      with/reviewing projects on how to detect and resolve overlaps.
         1. This topic has two sub-topics: the first is the Now
            Overlaps. There are a number of potential or actual overlaps
            amongst the projects right now including DTP-WTP and DSDP-CDT.
         2. The second sub-topic is the Future Overlaps. There are a
            number of proposals such as a "Languages group" that would
            involve (or resolve) overlaps. We should have a proactive
            approach to encouraging a good technical resolution to "what
            are the correct architectural units?" and other similar issues.
   2. *Quality and How to Keep It High.* What does it mean to have the
      Eclipse brand attached to a project? What are the quality
      requirements? As the Technical Leaders for Eclipse, the
      Architecture Council members should actively participate in the
      various Reviews. We should create agendas for these Reviews
      including checklists of gating factors for transitioning from one
      project state to the next.
   3. *Project Boundaries and Council Role in Coordination.* How can the
      Architecture Council help the technical progress of Eclipse
      without creating an overly large bureaucracy? We're an open source
      organization, so in some circles that means "no control", but in
      fact we're an organization with a deliberate process whose purpose
      is to create high-quality frameworks. How does the Architecture
      Council help with that?

We "volunteered" for homework on each of these topics - certain Council 
members agreed to come up with an initial set of talking points for each 
of these topics. The goal is not to be exhaustive, but rather to come up 
with a set of conversation starters so that we can make effective use of 
our limited time in Portland.

   1. Overlap - Anurag and Boris
   2. Quality - John W and Bjorn
   3. Project Boundaries - Tim and David

An agenda will be distributed in advance of the May 17-18 meetings 
(although probably not much in advance).

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