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[eclipse-scripting-dev] Jython debugger update


I made some progress on the Jython debugger and committed a new version to github [1].

It is now possible to run scripts up to breakpoints and use the step and resume functionality.
If a breakpoint was reached the GUI correctly highlights the current line and displays all local variables with values. If however a step operation is performed and the new line does not have a breakpoint, the debugger will halt at the desired position but this will not be visible in the GUI (besides the step/resume buttons being enabled).

To have the correct functionality available I will need to map the information from the Jython debugger (written in Python) to the corresponding Script objects in the Java code. I hope that I get this done by the end of the week.

There are still 2-3 issues with the visibility of members of existing EASE classes, that need to be changed (see [2]), but I hope that I can get write access to update these files accordingly soon. For now you have to update the members by hand (Eclipse helps at the corresponding lines anyways).

Feel free to test it yourself and let me know, how you like it so far...

Best regards,


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