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Re: [eclipse-scripting-dev] Relationship with SWTBot


macro recording - especially some clicks in the UI might be one part of scripting. As for our needs scripting is used to automate workflows. Within our company there exist lots of scripting commands where a UI is completely missing.

Still it would be interesting how SWTBot tracks user interactions as this could be used to extend the possibilities of macro recording.


Am 21.08.2013 17:57, schrieb Mickael Istria:
Hi all,

I don't know much about the "Scripting" initiative, but for what I've red of the archives of this mailing-list, it seems to me that scripting is somehow related to SWTBot (or Jubula) goals.
Since SWTBot introduced the recorder, it becomes simple enough to record a set of UI actions as Java code. This code is currently to be recompiled in order to be executed, but it would be possible to get this code interpreted a executed on the fly for example by using Groovy executor.
So it seems to me that SWTBot allows this "record and execute macro" use-case which seems to be the aim of the scripting thing.

Did I understand correctly the goal of "scripting" ? Does this suggestion of using SWTBot makes sense to you?

Mickael Istria
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