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[eclipse-pmc] Committer Election for Jessica He on Eclipse JDT LS has started

A committer election for Jessica He on project Eclipse JDT LS
( was started by Roland Grunberg with this criteria:

Jessica He ( has been
contributing to Eclipse JDT LS since the end of 2022 and in this time has
made some really important contributions that have helped improve the quality
of the project. She has implemented new parts of the LSP spec, as well as
contributed upstream to eclipse.jdt.ui to allow us to more easily adopt
certain clean-ups/quick-assists. Jessica has also started reviewing
contributions, which is helpful given the number of incoming pull requests.

For involvement in JDT-LS, see .
I've also included her contributions below.

For these reasons, I'd like to nominate Jessica He for committer on the project.

= Commits =

76220575 Add quickfix to convert lambda block to expression
20e5b1bf Consider variable outside of selection to guess better extracted
method name
0e04fdd4 Make a reasonable guess for the name of the extracted method
981854b4 Update jdtls script to check for
4be27406 Use in jdtls script on Windows
f32c0f62 Add CompletionItem InsertTextMode Support
b42d0906 Update completion resolve data for javadoc completion
147a6a31 Prevent sending shutdown job progress report
eed1621a Implement labelDetails for CompletionItem
0137049b Use contributed decompiler when opening class files
e8ae411a Add tests for itemDefaults implementation in CompletionList
637b127b Fix broken snippet completion after itemDefault implementation
34798424 Support java.lang.Object for sysout postfix completion
00391c1b Implement itemDefaults for CompletionList
92d4c929 Add command to support decompiling class files
b8d53af3 Change default generated method stub to throw exception
1bf99c87 Add try-with-resource clean up
5cd37279 Add clean up to invert equals calls on null
58c45e46 Add clean up to convert string concatenation to text block
087af9c9 Provide folding import regions for .class files
0deca4d7 Support includeDeclaration in textDocument/references

= Reviews =

Eclipse JDT LS project committers can click the election link below to vote.



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