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[eclipse-pmc] Project Lead election for Andrey Loskutov on Eclipse Platform™

A project lead election for Andrey Loskutov on project Eclipse Platform™
(eclipse.platform) was started by Andrey Loskutov with this criteria:

Hi all,

this is a bit unusual nomination - I would like to nominate myself as a
project lead on the Eclipse Platform project.

I've decided to do this step after Red Hat announced a plan to reduce
involvement in the IDE work after 4.27, see [1].

Being project lead would help me maintaining Platform project. I would be
able to maintain github projects / repos, ask Fountation to do some tasks
where project lead role is required, vote for milestones and for PR's during
freeze period, update milestones etc.

My background

I'm Eclipse Platform team lead in Advantest, my company builds semiconductor
testers (== very expensive hardware to test chips) with UI's based on Eclipse
IDE and it is my day job to keep Eclipse Platform in a good shape.
I've started to contribute to Platform project in 2014 and fixed few bugs
since, see [2], [3]. I'm also contributing to various other Eclipse related
projects, see [4].

My plans for the future

- keep an eye on the Platform builds, tests, bugs and PR's
- make sure Eclipse Platform remains stable & usable
- do whatever needed to keep "classic Java IDE on desktop" functional for the
next few years (at least)

The Platform project lead role should help me doing things above.



Eclipse Platform™ project committers can click the election link below to



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