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[eclipse-pmc] Committer Election for Samantha Dawley on Eclipse Platform™ has started

A committer election for Samantha Dawley   on project Eclipse Platform™
(eclipse.platform) was started by Alexander Kurtakov with this criteria:

Samantha recently started helping the Eclipse Platform™ team with releng
tasks and already was instrumental in the opening of 4.24 development stream.
She is going to help us with daily releng duties and further improvements to
our releng scripts.

List of commits done by her is available at:

Huge part of releng work is still in Jenkins so we need her to gain
committership in order to be able to take further role in release engineering
and of course to move more of our jobs into proper Jenkinsfiles for better
history and tracking.
Please join me in welcoming her!

Eclipse Platform™ project committers can click the election link below to



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