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[eclipse-pmc] Approval for

Dear PMC,

Dani found an error for the link handling feature we introduced in 4.10.
This effects windows on java 11. For details see in 

I am currently analyzing the feature and try to provide a fix. What’s the deadline for the fix?
If the fix is more complicated I can provide a workaround that disables the preference page on windows and java 11.

There are no link handlers available in platform and in the wild up to know.
Having the feature in 2018-12 is imported for my company (SAP) as we want to contribute a link handler in our Eclipse based product “ABAP Development Tools”.
As this product always supports two eclipse releases we can start to consume this new feature once the successor of 2018-12 is out. When we now move this feature out of 2018-12
we lose another 3 month. We would like to avoid such a situation.

How is your opinion on this?


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