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Re: [eclipse-pmc] Should we accept any patches to attract more contributors?

> Cleanup work is usually important for new contributors. When you
> started to contribute to platform UI most all of your first 10
> contributions were cleanup commits. 
> Some of them affected highly the
> Git blame functionality. 

CPD code was in a horrible state after transition from 3.x to 4.x, which made all of this code *non functional*.
Additionally to that, one couldn't literally read the code because it was all yellow from warnings.
So before doing anything meaningful to restore broken functionality I had literally to cleanup all the mess.

The changes you are pointing were also not just cleanup because of Sonar wanted it, but because I've transformed the code to a clean state *before* doing *heavy* functional changes.
And the changes that followed were only possible after those cleanups in place.

> See
> for the list and
> for one of your changes. In this phase, I reviewed and accepted your
> patches despite the feedback that this would be bad for comparison
> (see for such
> a comment). It is hard to say, what would happen if your cleanup
> patches were rejected but I assume your desire to contribute would
> have been negatively impacted by this. 

There were good reasons not to reject those patches: the major functionality loss we had at that time. And I have no problems to have patches rejected if there is a good reason for that.

> Now you are one of our best
> developers. And you started with cleanup work.

Not true, I've started with fixing REAL bug, broken CPD. You see commit by commit that I've prepared the code to be able to read and debug it, which both were hardly doable before.


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