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Re: [eclipse-pmc] RedDeer sample

Hi Mickael,

The PMC discussed several times the need for having automatic UI tests
in the Platform.

So a big +1 from my side for "ok, let's try this" in the role of a PMC member.

Best regards, Lars

On Fri, Oct 6, 2017 at 10:38 AM, Mickael Istria <mistria@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Our Eclipse/Red Hat Developers teams have identified a few tests (hopefully
> the first ones of a long series) based on RedDeer that we have for Red Hat
> Developers Studio and that actually are not much dependent on Red Hat
> Developers Studio and could be moved into Platform (more precisely into PDE
> for the first batch). In general, we'd like to see more and more of our
> tests providing the value in the most common place possible, and to try to
> "upstream" some of the testing efforts, production and value done for Red
> Hat Developers Studio into Eclipse Platform.
> Another requirement would be that we can still run those tests also as part
> of a TestSuite targeting Red Hat Developers Studio. Fortunately, with all
> the good technologies and practices used by the Eclipse Platform, we're
> confident that this is going to be all fine (our test suite would reference
> some TestSuite from Platform tests and that'd be all).
> However, a potential issue with this approach is that Eclipse Platform test
> bundles often "alter" the AUT (application under test) with test extensions
> of other stuff that change the AUT behavior. We don't want those extensions
> to apply when we run such Eclipse tests against Red Hat Developers Studio.
> So we'd rather work on new bundles, containing only test code without
> extensions, in case the current test bundles do have such test extensions.
> The only requirement to get started would be to add RedDeer to the
> target-platform, and then we can have a few patches flowing in tests (either
> in regular test suites, or we could create dedicated bundles, but that's a
> discussion we could have later on Gerrit according to the point above).
> Obviously, we cannot afford to spend much more effort before there is
> minimal consent in adding the dependency on RedDeer for tests. So a simple
> "ok, let's try this" from PMC and Releng is a blocking requirement at this
> point.
> I'd like to remind that since we're early in the Photon schedule and this is
> "only" for tests, the risk is very low, and that we have plenty of time to
> change our minds later and revert some changes if it seems necessary.
> Cheers,
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