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Re: [eclipse-pmc] Oxygen (4.7) Release Review Material

Thanks Dani,


I’ve only had a very quick look at the linked review URL, since I wasn’t quite sure what material is supposed to be reviewed. It’s linking to the Plan (which we reviewed before) and many subprojects, but what would you like us to actually review?


From the toplevel pages, some comments:


o    I think a comma is missing: “…performance improvements COMMA and improves HiDPI”

o    A dot should be a comma: “… Oxygen Plan COMMA and the New & Noteworthy”

o    E4 project isn’t mentioned in the “Projects included with the release”, is that deliberate? – e4 is mentioned as a subproject of Eclipse here


o    I found it confusing that the top line talks about Oxygen simrel with 85 projects, but then the rest of the paragraph just talks about Eclipse SDK. Makes me wonder how I would navigate to the other 84 projects’ N&N ?

o    Cosmetic, what does the “Quip:Author” mean on the top right?


o    Talks about “part of Europa” with Latest release “from to June 26th, 2013”. This doesn’t look good. If the page is so outdated, we shouldn’t link to it. But I guess it would be better updating the dates here, shouldn’t be a horrendous effort. Or we do it like “Platform Debug” which doesn’t have any dates.


I’m sorry if these comments are just cosmetic and probably not what you’ve been looking for, but I really wasn’t sure what you expected to be reviewed.





Martin Oberhuber, SMTS / Product Owner – Development Tools, Wind River


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Date: Thursday 25 May 2017 at 16:53
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Subject: [eclipse-pmc] Oxygen (4.7) Release Review Material


Dear PMC Members,

please review the Oxygen (4.7) release review materialand respond with feedback to this list. As agreed before, this comes in a minimal version. Please respond whether you approve or decline the review by May 31,

As already with the previous release, the IP Log is no longer attached and part of the release review. You can review it here:

The review itself is tracked by bug 517250: [release] Eclipse Oxygen (4.7)        


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