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[eclipse-pmc] Request API change for ProjectConfigurator

Hi all,

By M5, I merged an API that does not conform to Eclipse standard of quality. I was too focused on the UI parts and forgot some basic checks regarding APIs, and the size of the review on Gerrit made that reviewers also missed this. I'm sorry about that, and I take full responsibility for that, and I'll for sure do my best in avoiding to do it again.
In order to fix those issues in this API, I'd like to get this change included by M7: . It consists of:
* Better documentation
* Removal of a deprecated method
* Addition of a new method, which has a default set, just in case.
Any feedback is welcome, ideally on the Gerrit review for the most technical parts.
Currently, there is no project at nor out of who has adopted this API in their master branch, and despite being in M5, this API has not been "announced" yet. I've already submitted some reviews in different projects, and have those upcoming adopters to work with both M5 version and proposed M6 version (mainly by removing the @Override annotation). So it seems like the impact of that change is minor and not putting Eclipse 4.6.M7 nor its adopters at risk.

Would the PMC agree with such change?
Mickael Istria
Eclipse developer at JBoss, by Red Hat
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