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Re: [eclipse-pmc] New API for 4.4.2 - approval request

Hi Daniel,


I have only looked at the changeset that was intended to be backported, and I have some questions:


1.       Why is a backport necessary in the first place ? – On a cursory review this looks like only a performance optimization to me, at least the bug doesn’t clearly say what is the end user’s visible effect of the problem and why the backport is necessary. Or have I overlooked the problem description ?

2.       In the changeset, the new API constant ACTIVE is used only for reading state, but it looks like that state is never written. How is that supposed to work ?

3.       The new API constant is only a String. If the result of question #1 above is that a backport is necessary, why does the new API have to be exposed ? Why can’t the internal code which uses this String just use the String constant “active” instead ?





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I would like to back port the following patch to 4.4.2 - and

The patch appends the new constant that is new API for 4.4.2. Can I go with this patch for 4.4.2? Can I also add proper filter for the API tooling that will disable the warning connected to the new API?


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