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[eclipse-pmc] Notice: Plan to promote RC3 without complete, official sign-offs


According to previous procedural discussions, I should have sent this at noon today (2/7).

My apologies for sending this so late in the day ... as I suspect many of you won't see until after the deed is done. But ...

Our Kepler SR2 RC3 was supposed to be declared today (2/7), but a couple of component leads have not signed off ...
Bug 427530 - Declare Eclipse 4.3.2 (Kepler) SR2 RC3

Platform UI, Debug, Ant
JDT Debug

I'm guessing between vacations, illnesses, and plain being busy, some forgot to delegate.

Most have made no changes since last week .... except for Platform UI. And, we did do a respin for them, based on a bug found in RC3 testing.

My plan, unless I hear an objection, is to go ahead and officially declare on Saturday (approximately noon) ... even if not everyone has signed off.

I think low risk, and don't want to hold up others in release train that are depending on building or testing with our RC3 version.

Let me know if any objections, or have a better suggestion.

I'll also send note to cross project list, documenting our status, and say that the bits in M20140206-1000  is nearly certain to be our RC3.


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