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Re: [eclipse-pmc] e4 & equinox Bundles with 0.* version and incubation status ?

I don't think there was any special arrangement. We had a move/graduation review and the parts of e4 used by the platform were graduated and moved into the platform repository. Everything consumed by the platform has graduated, passed full legal review, etc. We probably should have incremented versions to 1.0 at that time but we never made that change. Since then, we have been using the practice of incrementing to 1.0 on any bundle where we produce official API.

org.eclipse.equinox.bidi was never in any incubator. The bundle version should be 1.0 or greater and we have a bug for that:

Generally, I recall there was a rule that incubating projects have version < 1.0, but I don't think the inverse is necessarily required (mature projects must use versions > 1.0). These cases are relatively new bundles that are still evolving, that live inside a mature project.


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On the EPP mailing list, I was asked to confirm that the Eclipse Standard package (ie Platform + Egit + MPC) doesn’t include any incubating components. If it would, then the filename would need to be “eclipse-*-incubating-*”.
I’ve checked the list of bundles and found that some org.eclipse.e4*_0.* bundles exist, as well as org.eclipse.equinox.bidi_0.10 :
I seem to remember that some special agreement was made when Platform first released as a “mature” project including e4 … and that the relevant actual git repos of e4 were moved over to Platform at that time while keeping the rest of e4 in “Incubating” status (for XWT and other bits).
So I _think_ that we don’t include any incubating components from an IP point of view (read: parallel IP applied to respective git repos) … but wanted to double check what you think ? Can you give me actual material / documents to follow up on the EPP mailing list ?
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